Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil 32 oz | Best Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil 32 oz | Best Seed Oil


Black Cumin oil, popularly known as “Oil of the Pharaohs”, is obtained from the Nigella Sativa seed that originally comes from Egypt. In Spain, this oil is used as a food supplement, while in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and China is an oil that is widely used in salads, sauces, vegetables, cold dishes or desserts.Hippocrates and later dioscorides documented in their works the numerous utilities of this precious vegetable oil in the treatment of a multitude of affections and diseases. The amazing herbs black seed oil 32 oz (Nigella Sativa) is not the spice that we usually use with the name of cumin in the current Spanish gastronomy that is the common cumin or white cumin and does not have the same properties.

The black cumin oil is composed of more than 100 substances beneficial to health. Its main component is THYMOQUINONE, a phytochemical with antibacterial properties.


After making a broad research, we found amazing herbs black seed oil 32 oz as the best black seed oil of market. This black seed oil is Produced from Turkish or Indian plants, the oil is cold pressed and completely free of solvents and alcohol.

So, you can rest assured that you’re buying 100% natural black seed oil. We advocate the 32-ounce dimensions, as this lasts more than the smaller volumes. Actually, buying this larger size at once is less costly than having to buy smaller volumes at periods. This product has a superb overall score on and excellent reviews that are too many to be doubted. Buyers and users of the product have said how it assisted them to heal various health conditions from general body weakness to almighty cancer! Another fact worth considering the Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil is that its cost is lower compared to those of similar brands available at the moment. So, you’re getting yourself a good value for your money.


Features of amazing herbs black seed oil 32 oz:

  • This black seed oil is extracted by the fast cold pressing of the black cumin seed.
  • Virgin oil 100% pure, “UNFILTERED”, obtained by decantin , which allows conserving the biologically active microparticles of the seeds called phytochemicals .
  • Oil preserved in cold.
  • Oil not refined.
  • Oil not processed.
  • Oil not deodorized.
  • Oil suitable for both internal and external use.
  • Oil without any type of additive, neither synthetic nor natural.
  • With the chemical structure in cis form (the shape of oil in nature).
  • It is not mixed with oils extracted with chemical or organic solvents.
  • It has not been treated with any chemical or solvent (such as hexane).

This black seed oil contains a high content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (Omega-6, LA). It is important that you see so that we need the essential polyunsaturated fats Omega-3 (ALA) and Omega-6 (LA), and what function they have in our organism. We have to know that without essential fatty acids (AGE) we could not develop well and even without them we could not live. A lack of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids ALA and LA are factors that negatively influence the entire body and practically in organs whose needs for fatty acids are the priority as the brain, arteries, nervous system, eyes, skin, etc. And its lack can cause several health problems such as cancer, high cholesterol, rheumatism, problems with the skin, obesity, circulatory problems etc. Amazing herbs this oil will help to overcome this kind of problems by supplying essential acids and other nutrients as said here.


Benefits of amazing herbs black seed oil:

The oil is effective in overcoming dizziness and headaches. Concretely, seed oil Nigel is to be used through massage. It applies directly to the level of sore areas. It can be used in particular on the nape of the body.

This black seed oil is also used to soothe heart problems and blood pressure disorders. It owes its properties to its ability to absorb fat and dilate arteries and veins

Amazing herbs this black seed oil also helps fight against diseases of the respiratory tract including asthma. In this context, the mix this oil with water, mix with honey and is consumed as soon as you wake up. To reduce the effects of asthma, Nigel oil may be boiled and inhaled.


This oil also relieves colds. To overcome nasal discharge, Wrap this oil with cotton or in cloth or compress and then breathed.


The oil extracted from a grain of black seed helps, moreover, to eliminate the pains related to the joints. It is used through a massage.


This oil is derived from a grain of Nigel and, like the active charcoal found in pharmacy and can be used to fight against digestive problems and bloating. For this, you must pour two to three drops of this product in a hot drink, tea for example.

The uses of this oil in cooking are very extensive. It can be used in the preparation of bread or pastry, fish, rice, potato or poultry. It is also possible to use this oil to enhance the taste of a yogurt, a fruit salad or a hot drink such as coffee or tea.

Eczema is an uncomfortable condition in which skin spots become inflamed, itchy and sore. Scaling and crying are also possible. The emollient and nutritive properties filled with this black seed oil are a great benefit for skin affected by eczema.


Acne can occur from a number of factors and, unfortunately, can lead to scarring of the skin. amazing herbs black seed oil 32 oz oil is an effective treatment to reduce the symptoms of the condition. It can help the skin heal and reduce the risk of scarring.


This oil is an anti-fungal agent. It fights certain common fungi that are responsible for conditions such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, itchy jock and nail infections


Psoriasis is an uncomfortable and often unsightly skin condition in which the skin in certain areas of the body looks irritated, painful, scaly and itchy. It is the result of the abnormal growth of epidermal cells due to problems with the immune system. This oil is effective in regulating immune system cells and in controlling the symptoms of psoriasis when applied topically to the affected areas.

Finally, this oil brings a real relief in case of a problem with the kidneys. Mix this oil with hot water and honey and drink. This beverage, which is a diuretic, does a lot of good and helps eliminate any calculations.


How to use this oil:

This oil is ideal to use it to your liking in salads, bread, pasta and sauces and cold dishes. Avoid heating it.


Important note :

Amazing herbs this black seed oil should be consumed raw, that is, they should not be heated. They should not be used for cooking on the griddle, in the oven or for frying. This black cumin oil is ” UNFILTERED ” oil, obtained by decanting.

It is possible that at the bottom of the container there are deposits, this is a sign that the oil is biologically active, rich in natural phytochemicals. It is recommended to shake the container with gentle movements before use. This black seed oil should be stored in the refrigerator for best preservation.



This product is carefully grown in an environment with nutrient-rich soil and sustainable farming methods that use biological practices. Like most high-quality oils, this supplement has a sharp taste. The manufacturer recommends using it as a fat for your salads, eggs, soups, stocks, hamburgers, potatoes and other preparations that require a slightly nutty taste.

This black seed oil is composed of active elements having good taste and producing a miraculous effect. It contains phosphate, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrate, essences which form the bulk of its power. It contains antibiotics that can destroy any virus, microbe or bacteria, carotene with anti-cancer power, sex hormones that are fertile and exciting; It also has the power to facilitate the elimination of urine; it contains anti-acid enzymes, sedatives but also stimulating the development of intelligence. These are just some of the virtues that hold the power of amazing herbs black seed oil 32 oz.

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